Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nordic Santa, Bucilla felt Hearts pair, after a long week

So I was kind of cramming to get a finish this week.  I had a nice, bigger felt project, that I got all done, washed it, and yuck....the placement lines didn't come out.  I thought I had it lined up well, but it obviously wasn't covering all the lines, and that it would be fine after washing, light and dark lines.  No.  So I am stuck on that right now, going to have to work with that, to get that in shape to be able to sell; back to the back burner for now. I was fretting still about having finish to sell, plus I always have another running project as an in-progress WIP to show, these days, and was short on both.   I started a plastic canvas kit of a dragon, really cute, although I momentarily short circuited on how to do the half stitches on a PC design, it's been so long.  I had to go look it up, as this is not a simple pattern.   I switched off that after a little bit, getting back to a little zoo animal cross stitch, hoping to make that my finish.  No way, simply too much left to do. 

I went back to the felt, and brought out 2 ornament kits.  I had to get two, as this one did not have them in pairs. I was not intending to work on these for this year, it didn't seem like there was time, much less not the prettiest ones in the set first!  And in about 6 hours out of a 24 hour time period, I made the pair.  One of my quickest finishes ever, a pair of hearts from the Bucilla Nordic Santa ornament series.   Already up on Ebay  .  If it lasts, it will go on Etsy next week. 

I put the rest of the ornament kits away, as I have too many other things to get finished. Several things started, that I need to get done in rather quick order.  I got the letter that says I am now physically healthy enough to work a regular job.  Lol, not true, by any means of the imagination, so I have a lot of work to do here, will be burning the midnight oil, I think, for some time to come. 

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