Monday, May 19, 2014

Do Over

I usually always post pics now when I post, but am not up to it right now.  Soon, I hope--I think.

So, I've been struggling with some really stupid and on.  Really for years. (Ha, my entire life!)  Always some humdinger combination.  And I finally decided to make a break from it all.  And I did.  At this age and station in life, not a lot holding me in place.  So I grabbed some of my craft stuff, and walked away from the rest of my life as it was.

Crazy or just ballsy, whichever. (And broke!) Happiness is important.  Living life how I want is pretty crucial.  And it just wasn't happening.  And I have been continually frustrated that my crafts/art still seemed to take a pointless backseat to other things that just don't matter that much to me.  I am not complete without my creativity.  And that's how I want to make a living and be known.

So, here's to a complete do over on life at this moment.  It's all on me now.  And I anxiously look forward to having some new things to finish and share soon.   Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Your happiness is always the most important thing, you can't make others happy unless you are yourself (and I've never understood why we are "supposed" to make others happy anyway). We all look forward to seeing how this new phase of your life progresses and best of luck to you!