Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Real Business Start!!

The Blushin Rose
So I signed an advertising contract today.  A little bit of awkward timing, but it fell into my lap and would have been silly to turn it down.  And the turnaround time is pretty quick, it may be running in about a month.  I still have to work on the ad copy and just how I want it to look, in only a few days, that's part of what is awkward, since I didn't quite have things in place like I wanted, I thought that would be at least two months from now to have the site(s) in nicer shape.

The other part that is awkward is that I don't seem to have enough of the right product ready.  I had started filling the back items, craft and bead items to sell to have some rounded stock and be sure to have lookers/customers while having a little more(a lot more) time for significant finished items to be listed.  And the craft items are doing well, I'm really pleased to see traffic and sales picking up.  But I'm still in that weird space of not having the finished items, and a collection of them, at the ready, to put in a nice section, to get that started.

So, I am definitely still looking for cross stitchers!!  Stitch For Me  website has most all the details.  This is for those that love to cross stitch already, and would like to make money as a work at home project.  If you are looking to stitch, please email me directly here, not on the business pages.

More details and links coming soon! The image is clickable above to the business Facebook page--the working product pages are coming.

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