Thursday, October 10, 2013

Working and Poppies in Vase

More progress on Design Works Poppies in Vase cross stitch. The entire vase part is finished, starting to work on the flowers. I still need to fill in the white on the vase, too, haven't done any white yet.  Maybe a decent finish in my near future!

I've actually made some progress on a few things, but getting around and taking pictures, getting organized, well that seems to be another story.   I've been real life working a little bit, and considering my health still being poorly, well, I am just beat these days.  I get to stitch a little when I am just too tired to do anything else, but haven't gotten up to go to bed.

Maybe next time I'll have a picture of my one panel of pixel art done, even.  It's just been a while since I posted, wanted to make sure I had something up here.  Really liking the pixel mosaics, frustrating, but fun.

Looks like I will be changing websites, too.  I just don't see being able to afford to renew the full shopping cart site, we'll see, not a year's payment at a time.  And I still need to work on that some, it's not all that loaded.   So I have started a free WordPress site, to start showcasing finished and pre order options, see how that works without even a shopping cart.  Blushin Rose Market Portfolio   nothing on it yet, but I hope to list some products very soon.  (Always able to directly paypal a payment; I don't expect these to go flying off the shelf.)   More news about that as more progress is made.

While it doesn't mean much in S. FL......hopefully some of you have cooler weather!

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  1. It looks like Poppies in Vase is developing beautifully. I hope you'll feel better soon. Cheers! :D