Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pixel Art, Mosaic Magic

So I've taken a little break.  Too many things going on to keep my head sorted straight. (does anyone not have major personal drama going on right now??)  And I ran across a kit that I got some time back.  And thought it might be a nice diversion from my other projects.  HA!  I've worked with the very small Japanese beads, the delicas, a lot, and these pegs, are about the same size.  Wow, just a glutton for punishment.  2mm plastic pegs that I must use tweezers for, to get lined up in the hole.  I think I've only lost 2 pegs that went flying so far.  This is a Christmas one!!! no less.  Christmas Bunnies, that will be on 4 panels.  I thought this would go faster than cross stitch, but I don't know.  Hard on my hands, and this is after three short nights of working on it.  I think I will be hooked, though.  -----Anyone have a kit they can't do and that they will part with??

Anyway, um, no, just not going there on the personal drama right now.  Life is totally upside down from where it was---where have I heard that before?  Enough already.   I am down to strictly making it from a small amount elsewhere, and what I can make now online.  I am burning the midnight oil at both ends. Unfortunately, even though I am restricted to being at home, most of it isn't crafting of much of any kind,  right now.  Sooooonnnn.

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