Friday, July 5, 2013

Kitsy Lane, WAHM

Ok, I really will get back to some blog posting....but I wanted to drop a quick note for those following the PTC WAHM type stuff.  I seem to be in serious need of that kind of stuff now(more on that later), so I have started looking around for some new ways to make some money online.

Anyway, I have signed up here, for selling jewelry. Still A Rose  Lots of jewelry to pick from to stock your own online boutique.  Shop if you like, I love some of these designs.  Become a boutique owner if you like---NO inventory to stock or home parties to do!!  Weekly sales and discounts.

And other "clickwork", not a lot going on. I still have my favorites(to the left).  And will be changing some things since now is the time to put on the steam to get some sales.

Hope everyone has been doing some cool stitching!

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