Friday, October 1, 2010

New Online Store

I took advantage of opening another store on Artfire, but I don't have anything really done on it yet, so nothing particularly to show you. If you make holiday crafts though, I'd entertain the thought of putting them in this other store.

Pretty & Pink has been my main focus lately, hopefully that will be finished and listed within a week. Christmas stuff is on the brain, and I expect to be in high gear for that(and the beads, this is the time) until nearly XMAS, esp for the new store...

And of course, could just use the bucks. Not sure how people are getting by. In the meantime, updated my affiliate links....I do believe there is money there, for those who wait!! I personally like the "Bux" sites, PTC. No scam ones listed--but there are strategies(go google) on making real money, at least while they exist!

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